Huion H420 USB Graphics Drawing / Writing Tab Board Kit with Digital Wireless Capture Pen – Black


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Features: 1. Compact and Durable Minimalist design and 7.5mm thickness not only bring more convenience, but also provide a 4*2.23 inch working area for creating.

2. 4000LPI Pen Resolution Movement of your pen nib can be accurately captured with the help of 4000LPI pen resolution. The higher the pen resolution value is, the better presentation of each line input will be.

3. 200PPS Report Rate 200PPS report rate and 12mm sensing height ensure instant response to pen movements. Each line input is accurately presented, without compromising of the consistency.

4. 3 Programmable Express Keys Equipped with 3 programmable express keys for more convenience, drawing, signing and gaming are all supported.

5. Strong Compatibility Operation on Windows and macOS are supported, with various mainstream drawing and designing software compatible.


Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 22 × 4 × 19 cm
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