3 in 1 Super Cleaning Kit Phone Laptop Tempered Glass Screen Protector Plasma TV Monitor


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Product Type : 3 in 1 Cleaner Kit (100 Ml Cleaning Kit, Brush + Fiber Cloth Only) with brush

Conditions : Brand NEW LCD Screen 

Can Be Used For TFT Liquid Crystal Displays, Notebook Computer Screen, PDA Clean, Can Be Assured That Use, Do Not Hurt The Screen Coating Film, Do Not Leave Traces. Household Appliances:

Can Be Used To Clean LCD TV, Rear Projection TV, Plasma TV Home Screen, Gently Wipe The Screen Clean Bright As New. All Kinds Of DVD Disc Cleaner:

Wipe The VCD, DVD, From The Center Of The Disc To Edge Wiping, Leaving No Lint And Scratches. Features: Material: Plastic + Cloth.

No worry about packaging, we will wrap with bubble.

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