0.3M High Speed HDMI Male to 2 x Y Splitter Female Cable


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– Simultaneously broadcast one HDMI signal up to 2 different monitors at the same time. – Splitting the monitor signal will allow 1 computer to be viewed on 2 computer monitors at the same time or view the screen of 1 laptop on 2 monitors at the same time. –

Suitable for demonstrations, tests, meetings and exhibits.

– Brand New 1 x HDMI Male to 2 x HDMI Female Splitter Adapter. – High quality signal transmission

– It will work with laptops and desktops with HDMI port that has TV-Out function capability – 1 x HDMI Male Plug (For Computer/Notebook) – 2 x HDMI Female Sockets (For Male Monitor Cable) – Clone your display onto another display.

– More Lighter in weight with New Technology – Plug & Play, No driver installation required

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